Surf City, here we come……


6 AM on a Monday in Shinjuku Station
May 2017

Monday mornings are brutal. Some people haven’t even sobered up yet by the time they get to the station. It’s just minutes before 6 and you can find these peeps just having the best time of their lives.  But you know I can’t stay around for much longer, because I have a work to go to.

My work is actually pretty good. My colleagues help me out and my Japanese is getting better every day.  My bosses are hard on me, but you know, at this line of work, perfection is what we have to strive for. I’m finally getting on with the pace, but if things get fast around here (and they will, as it seems the economy is going up), man, I’m gonna be running from one place to another.

Would I rather be making hit songs for the radio instead? Hell yeah, but all in due time, my man. First we get good at work, get our Japanese levels up to JLPT N2 so we can function like a normal person. Finally we gotta actually learn how to produce hit songs.

But this new toy I got, the Roland JD-XI, man. Some people say abloo-bloo, this machine sucks, but man once you put it into analog synth mode and press some buttons. It sure as hell rattles some bones, lemme tell ya what.