Please Don’t Do The Groping in Japan #4


So JR East has come out with the new poster for the anti-groping campaign complete with a video that runs in the stations (at least in Shinjuku station) and in trains.

I really like the composition of this one, as the girl miffedly says that there’s a groper bothering her and she takes like half the poster space. Powerful pose. The woman cop is ready to kick some ass and the passengers say the same stuff like the rest of the posters. Afro guy says “What, a groper?!” and the girl says “I won’t forgive!”
I like the man’s hysterical reaction though – “IT’S A CRIMINAL!!!”

Now the perspective itself leaves a question – the guy asks the girl what’s wrong and she looks over her shoulder and exclaims that there’s a pervert groping her. Now how could the guy see the girl’s pained expression and completely not notice the sleazebag grabbing her ass?

Please don’t grope in Japan! Allegedly people can’t even park their bikes sometimes without somebody grabbing their asses or take a walk in the park in residential areas. IDK I’d blame lack of sex ed, lack of social skill teaching and ridiculous Japanese porn/anime-starring-middle-schoolers for this problem.


Please don’t do the bad thing in Japan #4 – Grope once more, with feeling.


So like I promised, this is the variation on the groping poster. This time there’s a more Cutie Honey sort of girl fighting against perverts. The story follows the same style – a man notices a lady in need and calmly asks her: “WHAT’S WRONG!?”, the woman states her problem: “A PERVERT!!!” The cops run to the scene and ask if she’s OK and the onlookers say some witty quips. This time the kimono-clad lady says “HOW LEWD!” and the man goes full Osaka mode: “Unforgivable, yah!”

The text below explains how a groper is a criminal and if you notice something, then raise your voice.
Once again the poster reminds that your voice can eradicate perverts.

My wife said groping is still a big problem in Japan, but not for grown women and Office Ladies (endearingly fetishized as OLs), no. These assholes are preying on schoolchildren and teenagers. Fucking pedophiles!! Can you believe this shit?

Anyway, don’t grope and notice people in need. Easier said than done, but chances are if you’re 180+ cm, then you can act as the beacon of justice on a train, as you still tower upon the Japanese.

Please Don’t Do the Bad Thing in Japan #3 – steal laundry and coins from a coin laundry shop!!!!


Now stealing laundry is something low. Imagine you are washing your underwear and shirts and socks and somebody comes and steals a sock just before you get back to the coin laundry shop. Take the whole pair while you’re at it, you jerk!

Then you notice one of the pads from your bras is also missing. Grr!

Please Don’t Do the Bad Thing in Japan #2 – Park your damn bike where it don’t belong!!


That’s right fellas your ILLEGALLY PARKED BIKE will make trouble a lot!!!! Too bad the poster is from last year’s October and the campaign lasted only for 9 days but beware you jerks. The 34rd campaign is coming soon… maybe!

Please Don’t Do the Bad Thing in Japan #1 – Groping


You can see these posters in subways and there are signs warning you of the ever-present pervert. Groping in Japan is still a big problem for women, because the trains are still crowded, parks are still dark in night and women are still treated as second after men.

But these posters go against the notion that women should just be quiet about some guy stroking their ass. First the guy goes like “What’s wrong?!” and the lady goes like “A p-pervert!”

Then the two anti-pervert sentai women come and ask if she’s OK and the onlookers all shame the pervert by pointing and saying stuff like “That’s a criminal!” and the woman’s line is the best one: “I won’t forgive!!!”

Now the text under it is pretty cool – “Everybody’s courageous voice will eradicate the groper!”

That’s right, 撲滅 – Bokumetsu means eradication. Not bringing them to justice or rehabilitation. Your voice will eradicate the perverts!

There’s another poster which follows the same script, but instead of a shy, meek girl, it’s a strong stylish Cutie Honey type with a bob cut calmly saying that there’s a pervert stuck to her ass. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it since I moved, but I think I will see it.