What do I talk about when I talk about baseball


Chiba Lotte Marines have a new mascot and it’s called Fish (or 魚、さかな, Sakana, looks like an anglerfish). It’s ridiculous, it just runs around and sometimes the guy falls out of the costume revealing the spooky skeleton inside. Also Tsubakuro (a swallow, not a penguin), the mascot of the Swallows, tries to pull the skeleton out once more.

Baseball is fun to watch. Slow pace means you can just chill out with your friends and talk about whatever, you can take a piss and not miss anything. The ball game is just a great time to relax in the sun. Of course when you get a place in the foul zone, then you gotta keep your eyes on the game cuz you are gonna get hit with those damn balls. Especially when Mejia from Seibu Lions is batting. Man, when he makes a foul ball it first flies like 60 meters up in the sky and plummets straight to the ground like a meteorite!

Plus the teams have fun songs to sing along to, fans bang their drums and blow their trumpets. If you go to see a Hanshin Tigers game, then you’ll see 3 old men always dancing in the back of the fan zone. Baseball is a very social game here in Japan, but right now it seems people prefer watching soccer instead. Man, soccer sucks though. Running from one end to another chasing some ball like bunch of dweebs, who gives a shit? Baseball, now that’s a man’s game! you got a dude throwing a ball and another dude hitting it, then they run after the ball as the other team runs from one base to another. Real exciting stuff, you see.

Finally you can also go to batting centers in Japan, and that stuff can cut through stress like hot knife through butter. When I was unemployed for two months and had my mother-in-law go hysterical on me, then I went to a batting center and I felt reborn again. Just you and the ball coming your way and you swing your mighty iron bat at the ball. Feels good, man.