A Hemingway Joke


For sale, Baby shoe, found & used.
Tachikawa 2017


When you gotta finish the parking spot but you forgot to bring the last pole

“Takeshi, what happened to the pole?”
“Boss, it’s gonna be great! You can ride your bike home, park it here and crack open a cold one as soon as you get off the bike!”
“Like a vending machine?”
“Yeah, but it’s gonna be better. It’s gonna be free!”


Free as in Beer.
Beer Fridge
Musashino, Mid-May 2017

Scarecrow Pt. 1

“I want to be more, man. You know what I mean?”
“Whazzat, you got a light or what, bro?”
“Yeah, here.”
“So what do you wanna be?”
“A scarecrow.”
“Haha, what? Man, that`s funny. Hey bro, where did ya go?”


Blue Cardigan.
Musashino-shi, late April.


Takeshi didn’t get an even drag out of his cigarette. His heart was pounding and his breathing ragged. He had to finish the smoke or else he would really lose it.
He removed his mask from his face and shoved the gun into his pockets. Act natural.

The lights of a passing car streaked his body as he huddled to face the wall. He puffed once and tensed. Did the car stop? No, it rounded the corner. Exhale. Rain poured down his popped collar. He rolled it down.

He held the mask in his hand and he had just one last puff to go. There are more lost items in Japan than anywhere else. Nobody will suspect an odd pair of panty on the street. Unless….

Shit, were those dogs barking? They’re getting closer. He threw the things in his hands and ran.


Grey panties.
Musashino-shi, April 2017



Sock over yonder

“I think a color change will give you the edge in this competition. Think about it! Everybody’s knows you as red-and-white, but what if you’re black-and-white, huh?”
“It ain’t gonna happen. I thought you were my agent, not a buster.”
“Give it a shot, Wally. Look, the socks are already done.”
“Shove it!”


Tsukishima, March 2017