Man I hate ELECTION SEASON in Japan. It’s loud, there are people in front of stations blaring their little propaganda and the politicians let their goons do all the talking while the politicians themselves just wave and shake hands. It’s telling as there’s a certain someone at the Diet who has to explain what happened every time she opens her mouth and no, she didn’t get herself tangled up in some political scandal again. I am talking of the Defence minister Tomomi Inada right now, because christ, I don’t even speak Japanese that well and even I know that she’s in trouble almost every other week since her face’s on the news again and those damn assholes at the political Wide Shows are pulling off stickers off the poor-man’s powerpoint (no seriously, they got boards with stickers on them and the MC goes all like “And now this is her rebuttal…” in all dramatic fashion as he pulls and reveals whatever was said. It’s ridiculous! People really watch this kind of crap?)

“It was a misunderstanding,” Ms. Inada would say to the camera 6 in the morning, eyes tired and weary. Poor lady, as you gotta be tough when you get involved with Japanese politics. It’s good ol’ 50’s campaign rallies mixed with some Post-9/11 Brave New World’s sensationalist media mongering.

But on the other hand, we got some good news as well – it’s really nice and warm here in Japan, +30 degrees Celsius and over every day. Drink some water and stay cool, folks!


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