Not all Karaoke is created equal, or why DAM is better than JOYSOUND

That’s right fellas. It’s time to sperg out on karaoke software. Now when you go to a karaoke as much as I do, you will notice that some places have shitty videos, even shittier backing tracks and it smells like pee all the time and the fucking airconditioning doesn’t work. You will notice a name on the karaoke machine. It says JOYSOUND, doesn’t it?!

Now, I know the pee smell and air conditioning isn’t really the machine maker’s fault, but here’s what’s wrong with JOYSOUND anyway:

  • JOYSOUND videos are generic as shit and they don’t even match the songs!! You can sing a french song and it’ll show you Genericsville, USA
  • If they aren’t generic as shit, then beware when you sing GUNDAM songs: the background scenes are filled with spoilers! I am in the middle of watching Turn A Gundam and when I sang the Turn A theme, it started all nice and dandy and then all the sudden it shows the last boss of the series (a 52-episodes!) and who lives and who dies!! Man was I pissed or what!!!!! It’s not only TURN A but other GUNDAM and anime songs as well.
  • Cheapest CGI animation you have ever seen outside of Kids Youtube. Trust me, they really dropped the ball on the video department, as licensed videos are rare.
  • The BGM is as cheap and plasticky as it can get. They even skimp on the god-damn backing vocals!!
  • Karaoke timing sucks balls and comes in either too early or too late.
  • The tablet you choose songs from is hard to navigate and unresponsive.
  • JOYSOUND using karaoke bars are more expensive too!
  • Although I gotta admit, JOYSOUND has a better ranking system than DAM.

DAM has none of these problems. The videos are, while also generic, but they usually fall in with the theme of the song and are actually quite fun in their campy production values. They pull in the singer to the world of the music and allow your partner to have a giggle while waiting their turn. Also more licensed videos, backing track from the song itself rather than a royalty-free radio-safe reproduction. Finally DAM has  a calorie counter after every song.

DAM does come with their own problem though – their advertisements are so frigging loud. The solution to the problem is to turn off the volume every time there’s a gap (annoying) or just keep on singing till you drop. And if I’m on free-time, you bet your ass I will be singing 7 hours stopping only for a soft-drink and a pee every once and a while.

So what can I say? If you see JOYSOUND, just know you can do and deserve better. My wife of course says JOYSOUND has their own merits, but I will stick to my guns and have my better backing tracks and non-spoiler videos, thank you very much.


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