Kabuki-cho Blues


If you’ve ever seen this movie called “Lost in Translation”, then you will know exactly what’s going on once you get to Shinjuku and Kabuki-cho. It’s a freaking mess, you know. It’s like these people try to cram 2 days of the weekend into 5 hours of getting fucked over.


Of course the McDonalds has to be 3 stories high and the Pachinko place right next to it even higher, but where does it all lead to? It’s a physical void without any kind of aether, it doesn’t matter if you are in the pachinko in Shinjuku, Shibuya or even to the north in Akita, it’s the same damn place with the same faces droning on the silver balls, hathunk, ha-thunk. One after another.


You go through the neon gates and you won’t see a familiar face anywhere. People are laughing but they aren’t smiling. Gaw-gaw-gaw! It’s painful to see, but time’s a-slipping. Make it go faster for once more.  All these people are looking for something, but they sure as hell ain’t finding it here.


A thousand thrills but at the end of the night there’s always standing noodle places for the last bite before the body purges the poison from the mind and the monkey in the head starts to bang the drums. Kanpai! It was a good night, thank God it was Friday! They wait for the crystal ship that never comes.


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