Musashino-shi at Night and Internet Blues


So I know I haven’t written anything for a while and the reason is that I started working in Shinjuku. It’s hard, as I don’t know much Japanese yet and I’ve never served tables before, the late shifts mean I can’t spend so much time nerding out with my wife etc. etc. But! It’ll keep the fire up my ass so I will haul ass, get better in Japanese and hopefully get something not so shifty.

Plus I don’t have internet in my home so I am using my precious mobile data plan to post this. Why I don’t have internet? Because we had wireless wi-fi for a month until  NTT comes and hooks the house up with something more permanent. A month later and NTT shits the bed by saying that they’ll be able to come in June. And oh by the way, the rental period of the wi-fi box was was for one month only, so they kindly asked to send it back. Maybe we could keep the box until June? Nope, can’t do that, gotta send it back, it’s the rules. The whole idea of the damned thing was for us to have Internet until the NTT man comes in the first place!

Well, in that case we decided to switch ISPs. Sure, they will send a much cheaper and much nicer mobile Wi-Fi thing in 5 days. We ordered in May but.. where’s the box?

Golden week happened. Suddenly every man and their dog are on vacay.  But soon. Soon. Soon!


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