Please Don’t Do the Bad Thing in Japan #1 – Groping


You can see these posters in subways and there are signs warning you of the ever-present pervert. Groping in Japan is still a big problem for women, because the trains are still crowded, parks are still dark in night and women are still treated as second after men.

But these posters go against the notion that women should just be quiet about some guy stroking their ass. First the guy goes like “What’s wrong?!” and the lady goes like “A p-pervert!”

Then the two anti-pervert sentai women come and ask if she’s OK and the onlookers all shame the pervert by pointing and saying stuff like “That’s a criminal!” and the woman’s line is the best one: “I won’t forgive!!!”

Now the text under it is pretty cool – “Everybody’s courageous voice will eradicate the groper!”

That’s right, 撲滅 – Bokumetsu means eradication. Not bringing them to justice or rehabilitation. Your voice will eradicate the perverts!

There’s another poster which follows the same script, but instead of a shy, meek girl, it’s a strong stylish Cutie Honey type with a bob cut calmly saying that there’s a pervert stuck to her ass. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it since I moved, but I think I will see it.



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