Koku-san and getting flashed by drunk university students… IN JAPAN!


I met Koku-san around 23.00 next to the Musashi-Sakai station. He was playing some mean blues guitar and blowing the harmonica better than Dylan. Which isn’t saying much, but Koku-san at least knew to make some sad harmonica.

He played  “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”  and it sure was nice. He couldn’t remember half the words and he was mostly mumbling English, but at least he got the Will the Circle be Unbroken part right. Absolutely nailed it, man!

We had a small chat and I told him I appreciated his performance very much. He was quite shy about it, which is why he had his cap over his eyes most of the time. By request he played a Dylan-esque tune after I asked if he knew Furuido, Leadbelly or Dylan. He knew neither, but hell, his rendition of Knocking of Heaven’s Door was pretty sweet.

I was filming the whole thing until some drunk university bros came over and asked “Hey, you, where you from? What you do here? I do trucking!!” like I was an walking eikaiwa for them. Fuck! The rest of the guys were drunk off their asses, the trucker man was the only coherent guy while Takeshi and Ken (real names unknown) sprawled on the pavement and started sorting out their tech shit. They were crawling, falling over and untangling their headphone cables. We had a little chat with trucker guy, he asked me where I was from and what I was doing. Whatever.

A guy pops out and he takes his dick out.


“Oh, he is kuh-raazy guy,” Trucker dude told me, pointing at flasher’s stretched-out penis.

“WHERE YOU FROM?” Dick-man asked me as he shoved his small dick back into his slacks. “Sorry!” he apologized for his indecent exposure in a manner like he had farted in public.

I knew this shit wasn’t going anywhere, because I got tired telling drunk dudes where I was from (Estonia) and then saying that’s where our greatest pride Baruto, Estonian Ozeki-rank sumo wrestler, was from. “OHHHHHHHHH BARTO!” they said. “NIHONGO HANASEMASUKAAAAAAAAAAA??”

“Man, whatever.” I said and walked home.




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