If there’s one thing that would bring Japanese culture together, then it’s the Hanami – looking at the cherry blossoms and think about the preciousness of beauty and life. Well, that’s what the classics would write. In reality however it’s all about:

  • (Old) people wandering about and taking pictures of the sakura.
  • People getting smashed under the trees
  • Japanese people asking you about how you like Japan while you are trying to take a piss
  • People getting really smashed under the cherry trees.
  • Meeting odd fellows and never seeing them again. Like the Rabbit Man.IMG_20170408_163757.jpg

Rabbit Man and Mii-chan

  • Hanami is all about enjoying the sakura and the time spent with your friends and strangers around you – the metaphorical sakura. It’s another beautiful moment in this string of life.

So is hanami season worth it? The answer is hell yeah.


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