TOP 10 Funny Gifs That Will Change Your Life And Make You Suck Your Own Toes

Man, I guess my posts are a tad too long for the average reader these days who’s more used to this modern infantilized “media” (*COUGH* BUZZFEED *COUGH*).


I mean, 1000 words with no funny/witty gifs or pictures? No dramatic reaction shots of famous people in places where the text is more than enough to pass on the writer’s Sturm und Drang? Do people even know what I mean when I say “Sturm und Drang” these days?



People can’t even watch a 8-minute-long youtube video these days without alt-tabbing back to whatever social media they use for one quick second to see if somebody has written to them. Because god forbid if they don’t reply instantly and people have to wait a bit.

Here’s my advice for you people: It’s time to take back your attention span!

Take your phone, turn off all app notifications and do something for 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do it for 15 minutes straight. Watch that long-ass 10-minute video in full screen, read a book (or a chapter), play that dusty instrument in your corner. Whatever it is, just enjoy doing it.

I think you’ll be grateful for it.


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